About Us

A relentless race against time…,
The burning passion to win….
A strong desire to set the trends….”
We Lead Others Follow
What one needs is a partner that’s always on the move, who tracks your every move, just right
and smartly too. And that’s exactly the inspiration behind our trendy footwear collection ranging
from sport shoes to semi-formal and formal footwear for men, women, teenagers and kids.
Ultimate design, comfort, fits. C&P shoes not only look good but also are good for your feet.
Each C&P product is the manifestation of our high standards of workmanship, access to latest
technology. That’s how C&P is synonymous with maximum quality and performance…. and of
course that essential look. So, get C&P. And feel free to walk on the rough roads of life. Surely
you’ll be the winner.
For more than 30 years C&P Shoe, Industries Ltd has been manufacturing top quality footwear and
its components for the domestic and export markets
Corporate Division of C&P shoes manufacture full range of shoes i.e. Gumboots, Safety boots – wit
Steel toe for Industrial workers, comfy, sturdy and Heat/Cold resistance Askari boots for Security
companies, Oil resistant and water-resistant shoes for workers in professional Kitchens
It is the policy of our Corporate Division to listen to your
needs & specifications, assess the communication points
at both ends, develop a detailed but concise survey
instrument, gather customer perspectives and then finally
develop and deliver high quality products and services
meeting the customer requirements from time to time.
C&P Sole division has a team of dedicated researchers who
are in constant endeavor to develop the best technology on
soles that fulfill the need and requirement of every end user.
C&P soles have excellent cushioning and comfort due to its compact foaming and lightness. This
makes our soles both incredibly durable and surprisingly lightweight
Our long-term experience, services and quality are evident in every product we create to perfection.
It has always been a pioneer in research and development of new materials and styles
We continually concentrate our efforts on producing high quality products and above all deliver

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